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Though I might add, that I suspect the letter to the commission might not do the trick, we will gain some insight in where the EU political system is pushable.

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by A swedish kind of death on Fri Jun 30th, 2006 at 02:49:24 PM EST
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As I wrote in my diary Locustwatch Vision (October 24 2005)
EU legislative initiative is vested in the European Commission. To quote the Commission's own basic facts (emphasis mine):
Although the Commission has the right to take any initiative it considers appropriate to attain the objectives of the Treaties, most proposals are a response to legal obligations, technical requirements or to a specific request for action from another institution, a Member State or from the interested parties.
What this means is that the European Commission expects to be lobbied for new legislation.
Note that there is no pretense that proposals will be disinterested. If you think your needs as an individual or collective could be served by EU-level legislative action, you are expected to address the Commission with a request. At least that's my reading of it. And the commission is always talking about "stakeholders". An organized trans-national group which would like to constitute itself into a political party but is hindered by national legislation is a stakeholder and has a problem that can only be solved by EU-level legislative action and whose solution is consistent with freedom of movement, a leading principle of the EU.

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by Migeru (migeru at eurotrib dot com) on Fri Jun 30th, 2006 at 04:28:35 PM EST
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