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1-a) Do not own a mobile phone.
2-a) Have a cheque book and/or a debit card only.
3-d, depending on time of year, I generally take public transport or cycle, and ocassionally do the other or hitch a ride.
4-d, I'd like to buy more organic but don't make the decision alone, or it's not even available
5-d, I'd recycle more if the recycling infrastructure would be more complete (and local branches of multis wouldn't have had success in practically abolishing non-throwaway bottles and such).
6-a) Always turn off the light when leaving a room/hallway.
7-c) Hardly ever intentionally do sports. (or, is cycling to go somewhere intentional sport, or hiking every few months and skiing every few years not "hardly ever"?)
8-c) Never cry when you read the news.
9-d offer to help defends on circumstance, mood, person that could be helped, no fear of rejection.
10-d living in a small country, rice coming from another country can also come from close by (though mostly it's local).
11-d I donate irregularly on impulse, and once a year regularly (people can donate 1%+1% of their tax to various churches or NGOs). €10 is some money here (multiple percents of my monthly pay), so if I stay below it's not necessarily "few".
12-b) Sometimes give cash to beggars, but you don't like being a sucker, d: too many beggars too little cash
13-a) Have never held a gun. (but I have been held a gun at)
14-d (combination of a) Own a house and/or a boat, trailer, caravan and c) Live off the goodwill of a friend/relative(s))
15-c) Are a total atheist/agnostic/nowayist

*Lunatic*, n.
One whose delusions are out of fashion.
by DoDo on Tue Jun 6th, 2006 at 07:32:31 AM EST

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