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I just had to translate this one, look closely at the "sexual preference" question, its result and its phrasing ... talk about politically correct bullshit. Why don't they just say "would be bothered by a gay-fucking-queerwad"?

Le Monde - French people do not want a politically engaged anchorman.

Eight out of 10 French people would be bothered by an anchorman displaying political convictions, and at least as many (77%) by an anchorman displaying religious convictions, according to an Ipsos/TV Hebdo poll published Tuesday by this weekly.

TV viewers would also be bothered if the anchorman made mistakes in French (73%) or if he displayed his sexual preferences (52%).

They however accept a non-white anchorman (97%), an anchorman speaking in his original accent (91%), who has a visible handicap (88%) and who is in a relationship with a political figure (80%) [a nod to anchorwoman Beatrice Schoenberg]. Finally, 80% are not bothered by an anchorman staying at his job for over 10 years nor by an anchorman in casual wear.


by Alex in Toulouse on Tue Jun 6th, 2006 at 03:54:05 AM EST
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