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...would rather be the last of my concerns for environmentalists. Japan has been experimenting with tapping into the methane reservoir, and they are getting successful. Other nations have been sitting on the fence (I generalise, but not far from the truth), letting Japan take the struggling lead.

Lining up the methane clathrates reservoir as next in line after oil sounds foolish to me. This is just my gut-reaction, I haven't read the rest yet. But right now, it sounds as "Oh, we exhausted all the environmentally damaging hydrocarbons of gas. Let's move on to the other one." There's an animal that behaves like that and it's in afew's sig-line. And this is done by national governments?? I'm slim on time today, and a whole line of ET assignments is on the diary, but this sounds worthy of investigating.

by Nomad on Tue Jun 6th, 2006 at 04:38:58 AM EST
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