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My heart sinks when I see that, despite all the time and efforts spent by Jerome to enlighten our fellow liberals on Kos, I just came across a post by "pissedpatriot" (uder ID 80883) -- obviously a recent contributor -- who wrote:

The time of cheap oil is NOT OVER, that is nonsense. Oil was just 20 bucks a barrel a few years ago under Clinton. The only things changed as I have mentioned is that china and india need more but their demand is covered, the problem is the mid east instability.

THE REAL problem is the people who think oil is running out have NO UNDERSTANDING of why the price is so high at the moment.  You don't seem to grasp what causes oil prices. IT IS SPECULATION.  The price is high because of the FEAR of a disruption due to all this war. OIL SUPPLY AT THE TIME IS FINE.


by Lupin on Sun Jul 16th, 2006 at 03:33:23 AM EST

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