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I know I must be way off reality, but I think about NATO as something that doesn't exist yet, but wonder if it could change into.

3. Nobody said you should replace the ideological democracy vs. communism scheme of the past with something like democracy vs. Arab/Islam. Nobody!

First I consider it not the business of any country (especially not the US business) to judge another sovereign country in how far their constitution is democratic and theocratic/secular. There is no moral right for a democratic/secular nation to deny another democratic/theocratic or undemocratic/theocratic or undemocratic/secular nation their basic sovereignty and human rights according to international law, right?

So all sovereign nations have to be protected from border overreaching military or terrorist attacks. If at all there should be the ideological scheme of international rule of law and the right to sovereignty and civil rights of any nations be secured vs. terrorist attacks of out-laws and militias to destroy one's nation rule of law and whatever form of theocratic or secular democratic/undemocratic state they are in.

What I think can't be possible is to impose democracy and a secular rule of law according to one nation's liking (here the US) on other sovereign nations and use those nation's lack of former as an excuse to militarily intervene and impose/enforce a "democratic secular constitution".

  1. I would like to see Russia integrated into any international alliance, but I am just not educated enough of how ridiculous such a desire would be.

  2. If you superimpose it on the US, you have neither phased out the NATO, nor changed the UN. I guess you ask for a new entity altogether.
It seems that if all countries would be assured that we would come to their aid if they needed it, regardless who they are, it would be a beautiful thing.  Apply the same standards and criteria to everyone.  More consistency.  More accountability.  That's what we should be moving toward.  
Of course, that's what I am after. I thought changing the NATO to an entity that could guarantee it, is a possibility.
by mimi on Fri Jul 21st, 2006 at 06:53:36 PM EST
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