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NATO is the equivalent of the Delian League. It's not a league of equals but a structure submitting a number of powerful countries to the dictate of the US. NATO's purpose is not to prevent its members from engaging in aggressive war, but a mutual assistance agreement.

I thought that can, could and needs to be changed. There exactly should not be a US dictate, but a containment of US urges to do so. NATO's purpose must become to prevent all of its members from engaging in aggressive or subversive wars. In that sense the Arab and Islamic States, as well as Russia would need to become members as well or the UN has to get teeth with a military power that NATO had.

Well, I guess that's utopian. May be after people have flattened the globe in WW whatever, they come to agree to stop themselves from their craziness.

Sorry, I sound awful dumb. Just trying to learn.

by mimi on Fri Jul 21st, 2006 at 07:00:55 PM EST
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