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Do you have a sense if there might have been more that "they" were preventing from coming out?

There are other ramifications in the Telecom investigation that have just scratched the surface. As I reported some time ago, there is evidence that the SISMi may have been spying on the Palermo magistrates. The Palermo magistrates have been patiently peeling away the layers that seperate the "real" white collar mafia from the military mafia known as "Cosa Nostra."

Would any case against those already indicted in SISMI require Bove's testimony?

Bove had collaborated with several Procuras- Naples, Rome and Milan, plus it appears Bologna on many cases. He was a technical investigative wizard. His testimony may have been necessary in the Milan case, but not crucial. The story is just unfolding, dramatically, and its full impact has yet to be felt.

Or might he be able to elucidate some of the activities either further up SISMI (Pollari) or tying it back to the US?

It is only speculation at the moment concerning the US. On Pollari, it would be difficult to believe the contrary. Bove reportedly actually used a purported CIA information digger program to help uncover the Telecom scandal. I'll try to get more on that later.

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