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An article today in the Repubblica details the probable CIA inflitration of Telecom-Pirelli. Written by Ferruccio Sansa who was heard as a testimony as a probable informant of Marco Mancini. Welcome back. He's done some great scoops in the past.

Also in the Repubblica, an interview with the twin brother of Adamo Bove. He reveals that Adamo was investigating the people who were tailing him. He considered them amateurs, most likely from a private company. The brother, Guglielmo, prefers to await the magistrates' conclusions before making any statements on his death. He remarks that his brother was very much contraried by seeing his name revealed in the press (Cipriani in the Repubblica interview) as associated with possible wrong doings.

Adamo was already working at Telecom when Tavaroli was hired as his superior. From cross-reading it appears Tavaroli had relations with CIA agents. It is Bove who unmasked Tavaroli's game.

The Corriere publishes today nearly complete transcripts of the conversations between Mancini and Pignero in Via Toamcelli. More details on Castelli's list of names and Pollari's clumsy defense.

I'll try to go into major detail in coming posts.

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