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I can't resist giving a taste of what you'll be travelling in --

First a British Pendolino and another Virgin train in London:

...an Eurostar:

...two TGV Atlantique trains on the outskirts of Paris:

...the outside and inside of a French Corail Téoz express train:

...a Swiss IC races along Lake Geneva, with castle Chillon in the background:

...a Swiss narrow-gauge train descends from the foot of the Matterhorn mountain:

...an Italian Eurostar (high-speed train, there was a name dispute with the Franco-British-Belgian company but in the end both kept using it):

...an italian IC train:

...my photo of an Austrian IC train descending from Semmering Pass:

...a Hungarian IC:

...a Serbian express train to Sofia:

...a Bulgarian fast train (with used German coaches):

...finally, a Turkish express train:

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by DoDo on Wed Jul 26th, 2006 at 10:15:54 AM EST

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