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The following advertisement in last Thursday's Le Monde (July 20th), by the Crif (Representative Council of the Jewish Insitutions of France) and the European Jewish Congress:

Hezbollah is a menace for peace

Israel, retired from Lebanon since 2000, has been attacked on its territory by the Hezbollah terrorist movement.

Hezbollah, manipulated by Iran, who calls for the destruction of Israel, constitutes a permanent vital danger for Israel and its citizens. Israel exerces its auto-defence right and leads a military campaign proportionate to this threat.

For several days missiles are being fired at civilian populations in Israel, and menace Tel Aviv. They have caused numerous casualties.

If Marseille, town twinned to Haifa, in which several inhabitants have been killed, was bombarded by terrorists, would France remain passive?

Jacques Chirac declared on January 19th 2006: "The integrity of our territory, the protection of our population, the free exercice of our sovereignty will always constitute the heart of our vital interests ... The leaders of states that would use terrorist means against us must understand that they expose themselves to a firm and adapted response from us".

The Lebanese people, taken hostage by the Hezbollah, must regain its sovereignty. The 1559 UN Security Council resolution, that requires the dissolution and disarmement of lebanese militias, must be applied durably.

We deplore the death of innocent victims on both sides. We reaffirm our solidarity to the Israeli people.

by Alex in Toulouse on Thu Jul 27th, 2006 at 06:11:57 AM EST

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