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I'm making ridicule about it because it is ridiculous, Let's look at it more closely and see if there really is an intruder in the following examples:

"They're using roads, let's destroy the roads.", "They're using frozen baguettes, let's destroy bakeries". , "They're hiding inside coal cellars, let's put fire to all coal cellars", "They're using a UNESCO world heritage 3rd century minaret to spot for their mortar, let's destroy the minaret". "They're hiding inside ambulances, let's destroy ambulances". , "They're using olive oil to make munitions, let's burn olive oil depots".

Your initial example was a bridge being used to carry weapons ... well let me tell you, if the same bridge is being used to carry bread to civilians, then blowing it up is heartless, not "militarily useful". Even with no bridge, weapons can be ferried across, for instance on inflated rubber ducks (or inflatable Pamela Andersons, or using ropes and pulleys). But there always will be a far greater need for bread than for weapons, and since rubber ducks are limited, the civilians will get screwed ...

Military "tactics" are just things that idiotic officers learn from former idiotic officers, they serve little purpose but to make it harder for civilians. Look at all the bridges the US blew up when invading Iraq, what difference has it made on the long term? Fortunately these were rebuilt, but who's going to rebuild Lebanon this time? Winning idiotic wars is about quantity of firepower, not about blowing up bridges. Leave the bridges alone.

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by Alex in Toulouse on Sun Jul 30th, 2006 at 04:52:04 AM EST
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