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Are the St. Petersburg Times and Moscow Times not run by the same people?  I assumed they were.  Or is it that St. Petersburg is just fonder of Putin? :)

No, it is not worrisome.  But that's because the MT isn't too terribly important.  I realize pro-American press creates some diversity in Russia, but I have to question the credibility of any pro-America journalism at this point, where ever it is.

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by p------- on Thu Jul 27th, 2006 at 04:31:10 PM EST
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About the same management in SPT and MT I don't know. I thought of SPT as pro-Putin by its selection of articles and news, their selections are different. Anyway, there are much better journalism in Russia than these two. MT is adapted (much milder) version of www.ej.ru with constellation of has beens like Shenderovich and assorted anti-Putin rants. It's their basic right - to say what they want, however in market they need to sell their point of view too. And with it there were problems. Of course there were some petty problems with local authorities (starting from overpowerful sanitation office) and they like to tell about such encounters with long hands of authoriatrian regime. From my experience as a writer I can say retelling of my misfortunes or lucky things is not good idea, the result is quite contrary to needed effect.
Many ideas they promote sound revolutionary, however they are not prepared to face difficulties on the chosen path. Many are not aversed to be on Western or oligarch payroll.
All above said not to denigrate them, many of them were (are) high professionals and I pity their current misfortunes however they have to face consequences of decisions they have taken and can hope return of luck some day.
What I don't share in criticism and sicophancy about Putin (or anybody else like Bush, Blair, Chirac) it's personal involvement, binding one's destiny with their successes and failures. I am for detached approach, keeping oneself aloof whatever happened.  
by FarEasterner on Thu Jul 27th, 2006 at 07:14:24 PM EST
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