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I am pretty sure there was something more to it, such as a reference to historical action.

This is from his speech at his second rally which is basses of his "civil peaceful resistance."

To carry out starting this week the first actions of civil peaceful resistance. For that purpose a citizen committee will be formed to decide what type of actions and in what circumstances they will be carried out in practice.
Our MSM have been trying to nail down this guy as someone looking for violent solution. Here is an OpEd for an example of this tactic  
Meanwhile, Lopez Obrador has given his adoring supporters ambiguous directions. He prompted two protest rallies in Mexico City, one reportedly the largest demonstration in the country's history. These were peaceful ways for Lopez Obrador's followers to vent their frustration.

But Lopez Obrador has not spoken out forcefully enough against violence. On July 18, some of his supporters kicked and jeered at Calderon's car, and a left-wing Mexico newspaper warned that both Lopez Obrador and his followers were behaving recklessly. When his supporters chant, "Without a solution, there will be revolution," Lopez Obrador fails to stress that violence can't play any role in it.

I haven't seen that article, but this is the same thing that was said about the immigration rally here in the US. When you have that large of a crowds, you will always have an assclown who will take advantage of it. And those assclowns are called operatives meant to create havoc so the Mexican wingnuts can say "Gotcha!"

Corruption and hypocrisy ought not to be inevitable products of democracy, as they undoubtedly are today. - Gandhi
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