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Re: Countdown to 100$ oil (19) - Your bets for 200 (none / 0)
2006 WAGs (wild ass guesses)  All front month WTI on the day.

1)  Highest touch on WTI at any point intra day
$ 77.75.  Iraq civil war stops exports and sets oil world on edge.

   2.  Year end $55.00

   3.  Year High  $14.5, year end  $9.00.  

Both Henry Hub in normal units.  Nat gas will slump in 2006 as drilling will go wild, Hedges for petchem and fertilizer guys will be gone so production will slump and therefore demand for nat gas drop.  Ditto electricity generation.  nat gas turbines aren't economic at these prices so demand will wane.

4)  $100 WTI won't occur until 2009.  
by HiD on Tue Dec 27th, 2005 at 09:53:41 PM HST

I'm liking the nat gas call -- I'd have never bet we'd be under $6/MMBTU but we are.   Given the US consumer's refusal to stop buying, I'm looking to be in real trouble on the crude bets.  My high is already pierced once and we haven't even had a real hurricane yet or Iraq coming unglued.

by HiD on Sun Jul 9th, 2006 at 07:16:44 AM EST
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