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Each of us is free to do as s/he thinks fit. Personally, I think this is not only a badly-framed and manipulative questionnaire, but that it should not even serve as a general model for how to consult EU citizens and stakeholders. For that reason, I won't be filling it in as an individual citizen, but I hope we'll get together some kind of collective protest document.

As to Q.6, of course other emergencies may be considered. However, as Jérôme has pointed out a number of times, there is strong British pressure on the point of solving UK gas supply problems (which are due to lack of foresight) by means of regulation obliging other MSs to hand over their stocks. My feeling is that the question has been influenced by the British agenda, that the Commission appears to have adopted as likely policy. (It's in the GP, pp.8-9).

The UK's problem is long-term if you look at it in the long term. When UK gas prices spike in winter and they want the neighbours to send over gas from their stocks, it's a short-term problem. And it's particularly teeth-grinding when the country that just does not stop giving us all lessons in free-market ideology is the first to call for legislative constraint when it suits it.

Btw, see Nick Oz's comment on UK gas supply mismanagement.

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