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I took a first look at the Hungarian vs. English versions. The first impression is that the translator didn't really knew the corresponding Hungarian technical expressions (and was guessing).

Question 3 has some silly errors: it turned "investments in infrastructure and generation capacity" into something like "investments in infrastructural and generation capacity"; and "Increase the share of EU financial support" was translated by dropping "the share of".

Regarding question 4, I ask a question does 'competitive' there have the meaning "competition-based" (e.g. marketised)? If yes, another minor mistranslation. In the choices, methinks significant omission: from "Focus on cost effective savings of energy", cost-effective is dropped. In "Decrease dependency on imported fuels", 'imported fuels' becomes 'imports' (that would include electricity, but I don't see this difference as a big problem).

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by DoDo on Wed Aug 2nd, 2006 at 09:00:06 AM EST
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