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English vs. Hungarian versions, continued.

Question 6: this is the worst change so far. Above all in the second option ("Develop smart electricity networks, demand management and distributed energy generation, bearing in mind their potential to help at times of sudden shortage"):  First, the sentence has been turned around, with the original second sub-sentence changed to something like: "At times of sudden shortage, it could help to...". Second, two really bad cases of not knowing technical expressions: 'demand management' became something that can also be read as "income farming", and 'distributed energy generation' tunred into "divided energy generation"... In the fourth option, "likely shortfalls" turns into "foreseeable shortfalls", not insignificant.

Question 7, first option about "a solidarity mechanism to assist a Member State facing difficulties following disruptions of its energy supplies under emergency circumstances": emergency circumstances is dropped, plus loose wording: facing difficulties becomes "gets in trouble". Third option, 'emergency demand restraint' is horribly mistranslated, something like "keeping emergency income in bounds"... Fourth option, "early notice" becomes "early forecast"...

Question 8: nuance cut, "Europe, taken as a whole, promotes the diversification of energy supplies" becomes something like "Europe's energy supplies become more diverse".

I already wrote about question 9.

Question 12: "Disposal of nuclear waste" becomes "management of nuclear waste" (which is NOT the same!)

Question 14, last option, another horrible mistranslation totally changes the meaning: "Member States should be able to rely on at least three different supply sources" becomes something like "the Member States must purchase from at least three sources"...

(Next, I'll look at the German version.)

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by DoDo on Thu Aug 3rd, 2006 at 06:16:09 AM EST
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