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English vs. German versions: overall, much much better. Only three little problems with wording:

Question 6, sixth option: 'emergency disruption' becomes 'unforeseen disruption'.

Question 9, first option: " widest possible international actions" becomes "weitestreichenden internationalen Aktionen", I think should have been "weitestreichend internationalen Maßnahmen" (the first is about actions with the widest reach, the second about widest participation in the action, where in my reading the original English means the latter).

Question 12: 'Smart electricity networks' is translated as "Ausgeklügelte Elektrizitätsnetzwerke", instead of "Intelligente Elektrizitätsnetzwerke" (the first does mean smart, but not in place in this context, it has a meaning roughly like "well-thought-out")

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by DoDo on Thu Aug 3rd, 2006 at 06:43:46 AM EST
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