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And exactly, regarding your points.

There is nothing magical or magnificent required to solve the problem: there are too many of us, and too many of us with an appetite for excessive consumption, and encouraged at great expense in the form of marketing and propaganda to continue to have that those appetites despite their self-destructive character.

We treat it as a birthright; we are told it's our 'way of life', we are told that dying by the thousands and killing by the millions (if need be) is righteous, to defend our 'way of life'.

But what we are defending is a stale, increasingly-obsolete order that happens to have control of the commanding heights of politics, the economy, the press and military might.

And it's not prepared to pass quietly into history. In fact, it's prepared to fight, to wreck everything, rather than be replaced.

Dying civilizations are like that.

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by cskendrick (cs ke nd ri c k @h ot m ail dot c om) on Mon Aug 14th, 2006 at 08:23:29 AM EST
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