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I am sick of eating Cèpes.

You're nuts.  Saute them in butter, saute them in olive oil, with garlic and herbs, with sour cream, turn them into sauces and soups. And if you can't eat them all dry them or marinate them for winter...

BTW in Poland there are two types of 'cepes' (porcini in 'English') - the better kind called prawdziwki, and a lesser kind called podgrzyby. There's also a closely related lesser type of mushroom called maslaki.

Jouandkova Goshka Vodka

presumably a phonetic version of a bitter (gorzka - gorzhka) spirit that is supposed to be good for your stomach (zoladek -zhowondek)

by MarekNYC on Thu Aug 24th, 2006 at 02:54:15 PM EST

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