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Don't you know the mountain slopes you see now would not be the same without their use as pasture, and you'd have a job finding a path to follow in the vegetation? (As for the dog roaming free, forget about it...)

I know that generations of shepherds have displaced lots of stones and carved out lots of paths, but I also know that they now get paid for it by the State.

We pay our taxes, and these help pay subsidies to shepherds, who in turn sell us goat cheese. It's an econ-system of its own. And someone in that loop wants more subsidies all the time ...

I mean just look at the Slovenian bear story. I have no opinion on the idea of (re)introducing some in the Pyrénées, but I know how the story goes:

  • the State decides to reintroduce bears there
  • shepherds say they cannot do so without providing them with extra security measures
  • the State plans for security measures
  • shepherds then say they can only accept these security measures if they are accompanied by extra subsidies for the losses they'll suffer
  • the State then plans for extra subsidies
  • shepherds then say they can only accept subsidies if the bear plan is scrapped

As for the rest I disagree. For instance if you look at that picture from above the lake in the clouds, there was no path ... my friend's dog showed me the best way to go while I was climbing in thick and wild vegetation. And the dog was roaming free.

(I'm provoking you, my friend)

by Alex in Toulouse on Thu Aug 24th, 2006 at 04:23:27 AM EST
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