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Bonus: some recent polls. One from Israel:

Some 15% of Jewish Israelis polled said all Israeli Arabs supported Nasrallah, while 40% claimed that most Israeli Arabs supported him. Some 21% of the respondents said that half of Israeli Arabs supported Nasrallah, and 21% believe that only a small minority of Israeli Arabs supported the Hezbollah leader.

When asked who they supported in the second Lebanon war, 27% of the Israeli Arabs polled said they backed Israel, 18% said they supported Hezbollah and 36% said they did not support either side.

...62% of the Jewish Israeli public would be unwilling to rent an apartment to Arabs, and 35% said they would be willing to do so. Some 56% of those polled said it would bother them if one of their neighbors rented their apartment to an Arab...

...the other from Lebanon:

72% of Lebanese believe that the resistance (a reference to Hizbullah) came out victorious from this war (70.8% of Sunnis; 96.3% of Shi`ites; 62.8% of Druzes; and 59.7% of Christians.

To the question "Was the Israeli war on Lebanon due to the capture of two Israeli soldiers or to a premeditated plan, 84.6% of Lebanese believed it was due to a premeditated plan (81% of Sunnis; 97.2% of Shi`ites; 76.7% of Druzes; and 79.7% of Christians).

25.5% of Lebanese believe in the possibility of "peace with Israel" (21.3% of Sunnis; 1.9% of Shi`ites; 32.6% of Druzes; and 41.9% of Christians.)"

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by DoDo on Thu Aug 24th, 2006 at 12:32:05 PM EST
Another Lebanon poll:

IPSOS (a right-wing polling firm in Lebanon) released the results of a new survey in Lebanon. Among the findings:
  • 65% of all Lebanese believe that Hizbullah emerged stronger from this war, while 14% believe it is weaker;
  • 51% of Lebanese believe that Hizbullah won the war, while 47% believe that nobody won the war, and a mere 2% believe that Israeli won the war ...
  • 91% of Lebanese believe that Israelis are worse off from this war;
  • 44% of Lebanese believe that UNSC 1701 was in the interest of Lebanon and Israel, while 17% believe it is in the interest of Lebanon, and 28% believe that it is in the interest of Israel.

*Lunatic*, n.
One whose delusions are out of fashion.
by DoDo on Fri Aug 25th, 2006 at 06:17:33 PM EST
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