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I posted a diary a while back with arrest statistics (which means that probably inflates the dark factor):

  • one third were North African
  • one third were (black) African
  • one third were white

But this means that North Africans and (black) Africans who were arrested were quite overrepresented as compared to their proportions in the general population.

This reminds me of the situation in the U.S., where the percentage of African-Americans in jail compared to whites is much higher than the respective percentages in the general population.

While obviously a very touchy and controversial topic, in the U.S., one of the pat answers as to why this is the case is various forms of "racism", from your run of the mill sort to institutional racism to victimization mentality, and so on.

Can a similar dynamic be said to exist in France?

Out of the Dark Age came the most magnificent thing we have in our society: the recognition that people can have a society without having a state.

by marco on Fri Aug 25th, 2006 at 07:11:32 PM EST
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