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In both cases the reality and causes are far more complex.

Absolutely.  Which is why I wrote that racism is "one of the pat answers".  Another possible factor is the culture of the minority experiencing racism (is this what you were alluding to in your comment above?  if not, apologies for the misinterpretation); another is the existence of an "uneducated underclass", raised by afew in his comment about Promises I Can Keep above.

Having said this, even though the reality and causes are clearly many and complex, it is quite possible that some factors are more significant than others.  I believe that racism -- along with a few others -- may be such a factor in the U.S.

I am not so sure about France, not being as familiar with France by a long shot.  But that is what I was inquiring about in my comment.

Out of the Dark Age came the most magnificent thing we have in our society: the recognition that people can have a society without having a state.

by marco on Sat Aug 26th, 2006 at 08:08:12 PM EST
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