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greatly inspiring, mb, muchos gracias.

it'd be fun to do something like this in europe too!

if the energy policy is an 800 pound gorilla, then an awakened and activated public is surely an 8000 pound one.

iraq runup sure brought out a lot of people.

plan 9, i respect your tenacity and conviction, but why do you assume we can nuke-power our way to anything sustainable?

it may only take up a square mile or so, but what about the high--security that will have to encircle it, complete with sinister night-time deliveries and thug-goon armies?

even if the alternative is 40 sq miles per equivalent output, you could have park or farmland underneath, no need for draconian security, NO POLLUTION, and no fears for our children!

so if you think of the QUALITITIVE factors, how can you argue for a solution that only solves the problem QUANTITIVELY, and actually only pretends to, as there are no insurance companies that will touch this industry, and the hidden costs of security, downwind health      problems, and good land being cut off from other uses, conducive to public health and safety, (such as recreational or nutritional) are lost to the plutocracy, who will continue to screw the customers through centralised control, price-fixing, and all the other costly shenanigans one can predictably expect from these profiteers.

they have a history of lying to the public, and not only about safety.

they always cost w-a-y more than projected and are butt-ugly.

last but not least!

bechtel boondoggles=greed and evil passed on to unwitting generations, just so we can keep our bright shiny lie going a little longer, with ever-diminishing civil liberties.

and we have the nerve to castigate iran!

this nuclear option is the real koolaide, and if we don't show a better way to 'make' energy, then how do we expect the arab street to stop hating us for our hypocrisy, as we ramp up our nuclear industry, while fobidding them theirs.

i find it staggering (and deeply suspicious) that ecologists of note have taken this option to trumpet about.

it is so wrong-headed, it makes me despair that we are really on a 'ship of fools'

why is there no mention of (terrorism-free) conservation in plan 9's post, when intelligent approaches to that alone would probably halve our reckless consumption, starting with CAFE and moving right along sharpish to eco-building design, ans swiftly over to solar rooftops and greener fuels for home heating, be it methane, biodiesel, or coppiced woodland?

so many megawatts, so little time...


'The history of public debt is full of irony. It rarely follows our ideas of order and justice.' Thomas Piketty

by melo (melometa4(at)gmail.com) on Wed Aug 30th, 2006 at 02:05:18 PM EST

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