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A couple of weeks ago I posted the following comment in an Evening Open Thread:
Neo-con alert

BBC "Hard Talk": Jose Maria Aznar (24 July 2006)

Stephen Sackur talks to Spain's former Prime Minister about the global war on terror and about why he feels his party lost the last election in Spain following the Madrid train bombs.


Iraq, Afghanistan and now Lebanon. All of them are on the frontlines in the global war on terror according to the Bush administration.

This view causes unease in some parts of Europe but not for former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar. He is still a close ally of George W Bush.

Is he out of step with his own continent?

I was alerted to this by La Vanguardia, which claims that Aznar would admit NATO bommbings of Lebanon if Israel was a member of NATO. Which I suppose sheds some light on our recent discussions of Israel in NATO and NATO in Lebanon. This just confirms that the answer should be 'no' to both questions.
Well, today at Ignacio Escolar's blog I found a version of the video with Spanish subtitles (the English transcript, Spanish translation and subtitled video were done by three other Spanish bloggers). The transcript is absolutely appalling. Aznar is a semi-literate idiot, especially in English. And to think Georgetown University gave him a 1-year lectureship as a reward for his services rendered as imperial puppet... The full interview is available on BBC's website.

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