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Got it.  I missed your point about historical analogies being invalid as a rule.

Regarding America's past with respect to racism, slavery, civil rights, I agree that there is still a large amount of denial and hypocrisy, and these do dramatically invalidate our claims to be a force of righteousness and good in the world.  (My impression is that Germany, ironically, may be in a unique position among Western countries, in that it has done more than any other to "come clean" with its national "sins": a repentance forced upon it by its defeat in World War II.)

The Confederate States was political regime designed to deliver its citizens the right to hold others as slaves on the notion of their racial infiority. This makes it a pretty racist and evil regime, by all imaginabe standards of western civilization.

True.  I guess there are many ways to be "evil".

Out of the Dark Age came the most magnificent thing we have in our society: the recognition that people can have a society without having a state.

by marco on Sat Sep 2nd, 2006 at 06:22:57 AM EST
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