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Great diary....bush and company here in the good old US of A repeated use of Hitler/Nazi's/Fascism and so on is nothing more than a complete hot button obfuscation of any real problem by terrorists groups-who are out there but not in any way, shape or form that bush grandiosely imagines-or wishes.

Bush has to make 'terrists' into the globally evil rock stars that he has or his 'War on Terror' would be pointless wouldn't it.

I read somewhere last week that the lead prosecutor at the Nuremberg Trials came out and said publicly that our Mr. Bush is guilty of the same kind of war crimes as Hitler for invading pre-emptively Iraq-wonder if anyone happened to mention that to bush----doubt it. How much more damming can you get when a person like this states bush is guilty of war crimes.

"People never do evil so throughly and happily as when they do it from moral conviction."-Blaise Pascal

by chocolate ink on Sat Sep 2nd, 2006 at 04:01:55 PM EST

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