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I fail to see how examining physical evidence scientifically can be extrapolated into being the conspiracy theory that J so objects to.

There are some things that appear to be anomalies - unexpected phenomena to scientists. Some things that need explaining.

Now if we have knowledgeable people here at ET, on the possible explanations for these phenomena, then I think we are entitled to discuss them.

Of course, we may find that the answer is in ourselves - according to the theory of a very respected and senior medical researcher friend of mine. He told me three months ago about it, and I heard more at a meeting today. Clinical tests are confirming his theory.

The answer is a panic disorder caused by changes in CO2 levels. This is a cousin of the panic of suffocation or drowning. Apparently we have two 'sensors' - one is in the medulla at the back of the brain, the other in a main aorta leaving the heart. The brain monitors the levels of CO2 in the blood in a kind of steroscopic way. A differential in the two signals causes a reaction of seeking to avoid the situation (like lifting the head or going outside) on up in severity to a full blown panic attack. Jogging for instance does not cause the panic, because oxygen going down is not a trigger. There also seems to be an element of pattern recognition in which, if the cause of of the CO2 rise is 'logical' - such as swimming underwater holding your breath, the reaction can easily be suppressed.

The real feeling of panic is when your brain detects a differential but 'sees' no cause for it.

Perhaps therefore, our tendency to see conspiracy in 9/11 is related very much to one of the constant interests of this forum. The existence, origin and consequences of changes in CO2 levels in our urban environments.

Now there's a conundrum...

Somewhat like a brain surgeon performing surgery on his own brain - perhaps the ultimate feedback system.

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by Sven Triloqvist on Fri Sep 15th, 2006 at 04:54:26 PM EST
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Panic attacks and CO2 increase.

Could you elaborate a bit more.

Verrry interesting.

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by EricC on Fri Sep 15th, 2006 at 06:27:49 PM EST
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I don't know much more at the moment, other than that a handheld scrubber is under development - like an asthma inhaler except it works like a scuba rebreather.

In limited trials it has proved very effective, bigger trials coming up. Main problem has been the caustic chemical used for scrubbing - but now solved.

Original observation of reaction is quite old and well documented. What is new is the understanding of how it works.

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by Sven Triloqvist on Sat Sep 16th, 2006 at 03:37:01 AM EST
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