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Well, yes, the entire pie fight is a subthread of "Oh for God's Sake", and manon got instantly defensive as a result of your comment.  Let me run the direct thread leading to this comment past you:
manon: I just watched "Loose Change"
Fran: The conspiracy thing just doesn't seem to go away
manon: What convinced me was the pentagon crash
Jerome: I don't intend to ban anyone on this like on dKos, but I find the topic tasteless, pointless and mindless.
manon: so I guess this isn't really an open thread, is it?
Jerome: Oh it's open. Which also includes the right to say that what you write is silly and worse.
manon: Really?  any reason for saying that or just a prejudice?
Jerome: Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. And sprinkling the thread with "1" and "2" ratings and using a righteous, insulted tone does little for your credibility.
Migeru: The thread might have turned out differently if you had said "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence" initially, instead of bringing up Kos' banning policy.
Jerome: You honestly think so?
I honestly do.

Those whom the Gods wish to destroy They first make mad. — Euripides
by Migeru (migeru at eurotrib dot com) on Fri Sep 15th, 2006 at 05:08:09 PM EST
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