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No, I did not dismiss them.  I told them dozens of times:  there is no wreckage.  Where are the seats?  Where is the luggage?  Where are the bodies?

They just dismissed me, or showed me wreckage of the air circulation system of the building.  I kept asking:  where is the wreckage?  They showed me a picture of a diffuser case.  It takes much more than a diffuser case to make an engine.

I told them that this was the first case in recorded history that an aircraft was vaporized, and they told me that I had to take angle into account.  When I told them that the angle, when taken into account, had a very small effect, decreasing the 562 mph forward velocity to perhaps 400 mph, they told me about gravity and terminal velocity.  The aircraft hit the building horizontally, not vertically, so gravity had very little effect and even if it did, the terminal velocity of a human being is 120 feet/sec whereas the forward velocity of the aircraft is 762 feet/sec.  This was all discussed, but NOBODY WOULD HEAR ME.

I think this is the real issue here and one that I have encountered many times in engineering with engineers.  They don't listen when women speak, dismiss their credentials and then claim it was the woman's fault.

I believe you and DoDo are guilty of the same thing.

As for troll rating you, I troll rate you and you call my comments stupid and baseless etc and the worst I say is that you are ungracious, which you are.

by manon (m@gmail.com) on Sun Sep 17th, 2006 at 02:38:25 PM EST
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