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The thing is, like I said in the last Open Thread, we have no control over the evidence that we have been given. Hence there is no way for us to say, with absolute certainty: "it happened", or "it didn't happen", without making concessions.

When facts/evidence are not 100% consensually accepted, there is no simple conspiracy that's too unreal, and inversely no simple truth that's too unreal. Occam's razor has not been proven yet. In fact Occam's razor applies to Occam's razor, ie. which of the following makes fewer assumptions:

A) Occam's razor is true
B) Occam's razor is either true or false

Just to wink at you Jérôme for the other night, Ségolène's picture on the beach could indeed very well not be one of her. Or could indeed very well be her and the need to question that is then totally silly. I guess it all depends on context, sometimes we are inclined to accept what we are told, sometimes not.

by Alex in Toulouse on Sun Sep 17th, 2006 at 04:08:17 PM EST
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