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Fredouil alludes to this, initially, with his comment

Europeans are getting post-national, post-religious

By post-religious, I presume he means quite secular in a sense that goes beyond attitudes about religion, and refers also to the role (and lack thereof) that religion actually plays in the average life of Marcel Bidochon, Jens Jensen or Hans Schmidt. Which explains why you'll rarely see European (some countries excepted, on the periphery even if, in the case of Poland, quite important) leaders make comments about how religious they are, because it simply does not play, whereas in America politicians run to the podium to declaim how religious they are, because it does.

By post-national, I presume he means a generalized disdain (again, there are exceptions, usually on the far right) for the jingo-istic and other trappings of the sort of rampant nationalism America has tended to display of late, a commitment to multilateral institutions and peace, as well as a general feeling that soft power, diplomacy and commercial advantage far outweigh military might in the general rightful scheme of international relations and our respective country's role in those. Which is translated, for instance, in our relatively small defence budget, as opposed to America's, which represents, to it alone, fully half the entire world's.

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