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OK I get you better. But beware of sarcasm when you use a foreign language, it can be misunderstood...

I don't think either that the US masses are "ready" for a revolution and I don't think that the original poster is to be taken literally. But I think that there is a growing insight within the progressive community that the current methods of action (blogging, letters to the editor, letters to congressman etc...) are pretty inneficcient and the belief that "only we get a good president" as a savior is disappearing too...

Ted Rall, who has quite a great audience is into the "street option" too even if he points out that it will probably not work either :

How do people in other countries react when their representatives fail to represent them? They march and yell and throw stuff at the police. Some riot.

Not here.

In the United States in 2007 we sit in front of our TVs and our computer screens and wonder why no one is out there marching and yelling (or rioting).

"I'm saddened, baffled and very angry," wrote a reader to the New York Times' editor, "as to why the American people are not demonstrating their frustration and outrage with        President Bush's continued failed policies and incompetence...Blogging is great, and calling one's representative is important, but I implore those with national networking and organizational skills to rally us in towns and cities so that our voices will finally be heard." Our kingdom for a leader!

Forty years ago, demonstrations against an equivalently unpopular war were routine. Students took over college campuses; marchers filled the streets of our cities. The most radical antiwar activists bombed ROTC and other military offices. Why are we so docile now ?


Obviously Bush will wage a a new war(s) (the "Milosevic logic") and I think this will create so much frustration that new action methods will emerge in the US progressive community. Look what "little" Cindy Sheehan has succeeded with... maybe she is a new Rosa Parks...

I'll probably be dead when they bury her with full honors.. who knows ?

by oldfrog on Wed Jan 10th, 2007 at 03:40:19 AM EST
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