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America IS Warmonger
America IS a fundamentalist Christan nation.
America IS nationalist

It is a democracy that works perfectly, the population is well represented by their leaders,medias,corporations.

California has a a population and economy big enough to qualify for the G8 and none of that crap applies there.  Add in Washington, Oregon, most of the North East..And it's spreading.  This is why the fundies awoke and we're having a period of retrograde motion.  They're losing the long term battle and they know it.

You look at the US and see Georgia and Texas.  That's not the country.  We do indeed have our share of bigots and religious control freaks, but I don't think you are entirely free of that either.  The Roma would agree I'm sure.

Perhaps  you are so far out on the left wing that you can't see the difference between Bush and Gore or between Edwards and Guiliani.  I can.

I do find it amusing that Europe gets a gold star from you with Berlusconi running Italy for quite a while and nearly back in by a whisker.  You're not so perfect to be in position to throw rocks from your glass porch.

by HiD on Wed Jan 10th, 2007 at 04:54:19 PM EST
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