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Let's be clear that Thomas Freidman is extremely wealthy, even by American standards.  

Writing in the "liberal" New York Times is not how he "earns" his living.   It's his hobby.

If I recall, he actually didn't do anything to "earn" his wealth.   He married it.

He does not live on the same planet as 99.9% of the people who live on Earth.

I only read Freidman's columns when I want to appreciate exactly how poor thinking can be while still being widely distributed.

It is really disturbing that his "ideas" are taken seriously and that people buy his books.   I have often wondered if he doesn't use the L. Ron Hubbard method of making publishing history, i.e. buying his own book in massive quantities to jack up the sales figures.

by NNadir on Thu Jan 11th, 2007 at 08:19:05 PM EST
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