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What?  I'm the purity troll?  America would have to elect effing Mao before you'd acknowledge there are actual genuine liberals in this country.

I just want you to 1)get your facts straight (I thought that was de rigeur here anyway) and 2) stop using Grover Norquist's talking points when painting a picture of the American left.  And drop the holier-than-thou bs.

The fact is you have a lot to learn and a lot of wrong-headed FOX newsish ideas about this country.  A little humility on your part would go a long way.  When you have Americans on this blog correcting you, when you are writing a freaking diary about an American who is doing responsible reporting on Russia, you might want to step back and reassess your stereotype of American liberals, who come in all shapes and sizes, by the way.  It's a political spectrum, you know.  But not to you.  To you it is black and white.  A person either embraces your set notion of correct political ideology to a tee, or they are indistinguishable among Tom Friedman, Bill Clinton or George W. Bush.  

And while I've no reason to think you are any kind of expert on American policy, I would repeat that many people do agree with you on a great many topics.  The majority?  No.  (Though the majority is silent so it is really anyone's guess.)  And it isn't intellectually honest to lump them all in a bunch with the DLC or NYT columnists.  Again, it is like you read the MSM and never leave your home.  In fact, I'd be willing to bet the majority of Americans couldn't even identify the DLC or Friedman.  You are in wonk territory there.  But I can tell you I ride a subway packed with people wearing Impeach Bush buttons.  I know it is not fashionable to admit that our metropolises are part of the country (even though they are where most people actually live, are our centers of commerce and culture...), but to paint a picture of America where everyone's an uneducated backwards hick or a selfish millionare is to embrace stereotypes.  Just because the environmentalists and socialists and rational thinking people don't get as much airtime as the nut jobs does not me they don't exist.  And they might be fringe in some places, but they are the mainstream where I live.  

And while Democrats haven't had much national control in the last 35 years, and those who have have been pansies aiding and abetting the agenda of the GOP, there are good liberal leaders out there at the local level.  And while the party did implode, we've been BUSTING OUR ASSES to get our act together and have actually managed to get elected and are now in a position to walk the talk.  Don't hold your breath for a France or a Venezuela anytime soon, but it is now possible to expect real progress to be made in our govt.  It will never live up to your expectations, but you will find more to your satisfaction if you actually try to reach out to and understand people, to help them understand why x,y and z are good ideas, and to encourage their efforts, even though they could be futile, than you will sitting in front of your computer imagining this mythical nation of ignorant fascists, thinking yourself well-informed and bloating your exiled ego.

Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities. -Voltaire

by p------- on Thu Jan 11th, 2007 at 10:57:21 PM EST
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