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On the bigger fish to fry - absolutely.

On the discriminatory treatment of Muslim vs. non Muslim religious attire and symbols, ditto.

On banning all such attire and symbols from schools - mixed. I disagree with the French ban for students. However, I'm sympathetic to the idea that teachers, who are in effect representing the state, should be banned from religious and political symbols or dress. Note that the French are just fine with the political stuff - five years ago plenty of French teachers were wearing anti - LePen buttons. I agree with the sentiment being expressed but I don't think it should be allowed. Again, not really the biggest issue around.

Great diary.  

On the other hand I strongly support banning teachers from wearing veils, regardless of whether or not they're allowed religious dress and symbols. Veils pose a serious practical problem - it's harder to get a sense of what your teacher is thinking and trying to say if you can't see her face.

Incidentally, orthodox Judaism requires that married women cover their hair, but not unmarried ones. They tend to either wear these knit cap thingies or wigs, or just berets. And as plenty of people are pointing out here, hair covering is a pretty common tradition among Europeans as well. In the Mediterranean countries women used to also wear those shapeless black robes. No veils though, as far as I can tell that's only Muslims.

by MarekNYC on Mon Jan 15th, 2007 at 02:39:32 PM EST

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