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Sorta confused here. Nuns don't tend to teach in public schools, so whether or not they wear the habit in a Catholic school is sorta irrelevant, is it not?

Or am I missing something here.

First glance, the comment on the Bavarian law indicates a sort of discriminatory nature, but then, if we're talking about what happens in a secular  institution versus a religious one, it clearly is not, though it would be better if the

Hijab almost always demarks a separation from western values which are part of what is the constitution of european nations, and so I wonder what the fuss is about. Merkel is right on this one.

In any event, it is quite common in Europe for brothers and father to require of their sister/daughter to wear this, and at age of 12 or 14, will is irrelevant as well. Plus, try integrating into Western society properly wearing hijab - it's not going to happen.

Which is why these laws are passed, and why they are necessary - and are an aspect of solidarity. All men and women are equal, regardless of race, and this strange custom creates two problems - demarcation of gender, and demarcation of creed. What is the point?

Suspect having facial tattoos and excessive piercings, another way to denote seperateness, will also cause the applicant to have a hard time landing a job in the civil service...

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