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I know I am vastly oversimplifying your point of view here, and it is unfair of me to do so because in truth, you have (at least as far as I see) a comprehensive approach to this issue, 90% of which I am in full agreement with, ie the larger problem to tackle is underneath the symbol, it may be in some cases an issue (we may disagree on the extent to which it is) and in these cases it might need to be addressed.

Am I inaccurate though to presume the standard "freedom of expression" formulation, having nothing necessarily to do with being a symbol of oppression of women, as seen in the discussion you were having with Helen?

That's really the only bone to pick I have, though it's a rather important one in Europe these days (perhaps far less so elsewhere).

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by r------ on Wed Jan 17th, 2007 at 11:17:29 AM EST
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