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the actions of Axel Springer do not reflect a popular movement

Neither Dutschke's assassin nor the local CDU campaigners were Axel Springer :-) In the sixties, there was definitely a culture war all over the West, in West Germany, Axel Springer and his papers were propagandists in it, not lone players.

I disagree with your narrow definition of the American cultural war as Christian fundies vs. everyone else. The a broader and long-time conflict trhat involved the civil rights movement, Roe vs. Wade, gun control, economics, entertainment etc., and roughly maps to liberal vs. conservative, is often called culture war. If you check Wikipedia, they describe different interpretations of a wider culture war. As it happens, Pat Buchanan himself features prominently in the article as a cultural warrior.

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by DoDo on Mon Jan 22nd, 2007 at 03:47:01 PM EST
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