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I may have erred about the Netherlands Bible Belt being evangelist (don't know European-root fundies that much, I know fundamentalism only through creationism), but there are evangelicals with a US ideological source all over Europe, and it is indeed a worrying (and usually totally ignored) problem. Yes, they set up their own churches, they are officially recognised in most places, and they organise and proselytize and pass teleevangelists around, and write anti-science LTEs. They are not too visible due to relatively low numbers, but I consider them a contagious disease.

In England, there is even a small network of private creationist schools, who got a permit with Bliar's approval. In Germany, they even have a party, which received 0.23% in the last elections.

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by DoDo on Mon Jan 22nd, 2007 at 04:53:05 PM EST
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