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In the US, there is an active movement by dispensationalists to infiltrate mainline Protestant congretations, turn the congretation against the Pastor, and get him replaced with a dispensationalist. But this does not get reported in the mainstream press.

I had no idea that the Plymouth Brethren were still around. Interesting.

I have a pet theory by the way that fundamentalism can only take root in a society where the prevailing philosophical culture is empiricist/liberal (Hume, Mill) but not in which it is rationalist/communitarian (Kant, Hegel). The anglophone tradition took the position that religion cannot be understood rationally, whereas German idealism attempted to reconcile science, philosophy, and religion (i.e., Christianity). Philosophy and religion never divorced themselves in Germany as they did in Britain. Fundamentalism is the product of that divorce.

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by Alexander on Mon Jan 22nd, 2007 at 04:53:20 PM EST
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