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Interesting book. I guess Protestantism is one of those common antecedents of Nazism and German idealism that I spoke of. In this sense: Luther held that you can only know God through faith, I believe. That is anti-rationalist. And anti-rationalism was constitutive of Nazism, in my opinion.

As for Catholicism, I don't think that anyone has ever argued that Catholicism has an easy relationship with modernity. (I was raised Russian Orthodox, and I think that Orthodoxy has an even less easy relationship with modernity.) In Hegel's view, the impetus that produced modernity was Protestant. Catholicism accommodated itself to the new conditions (not entirely successfully, some would say), but did not play a role in producing them.

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by Alexander on Mon Jan 22nd, 2007 at 06:06:33 PM EST
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