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No, it is accounted for in SNCF's statistics.

Huh, I was referring to your comment about Paris not having an equivalent suburban rail.

That's the point: it wasn't tested. They thought wireless moving-block signalling (which will become ERTMS Level 3) can be implemented easily.

I expected it hadn't been tested though I still can't quite believe the sheer arrogance of trying to implement ERTMS level 3. Several years later, Spain attempt to implement ERTMS level 2 has led to a 200 km/h limit on the line.

the Swiss railway infrastructure achieved great reliability for dense passenger traffic despite a heavy freight traffic load.

Yes, I know. Though it wasn't my intent to argue this either way. Merely that right now, the Swiss must focus their priorities on freight instead of HST if they don't want to get inundated by 40 tonne trucks. And I didn't want to argue the past because there are too many confusing factors. As you know, Switzerland's geography doesn't make an expansive highway system feasible.

Separation of infrastructure and operations is 'easy to understand' for simpleton marketista politicians,

Well, I'm not a simpleton or a marketista, though I can't figure out which would be more insulting. And I'm also used to figuring out highly complex non-linear systems. If I've missed some of the connections between operations and infrastructure, perhaps you can point them out to me. So far, I see the big problem as scheduling. It's why I don't believe in 'open access'.

Also, new freight terminals has nothing to do with separating passenger and freight business.

Doesn't it? Infrastructure funding in France is a political decision. Splitting up the businesses would expose them both to the politicians. There would no longer be just "railways" but "passenger rail" and "rail freight".

Additionally, if the rail freight business were autonomous, it might have more scope for innovation. With less power but more freedom, it might decide to restart the express freight business which La Poste abandoned.

Thank you for the summary about the current situation.

by richardk (richard kulisz gmail) on Thu Jan 25th, 2007 at 01:14:12 AM EST
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