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I've been listening to the BBC World Service for decades for much of my news, at least until the appearance of the Internet. Since Tony Bliar falsely accused someone on the BBC of not telling the truth (about him or about the reasons for going to war, I'm not sure anymore) and arranged a high-powered investigation which conveniently 'proved' that false accusations had been made, the BBC World Service has become a ghost of itself. However tendentious it may have been in the past, it is now very much concerned with pushing the anglo-saxon agenda set up by the U.S. and its client state the U.K. More than ever, it has become necessary to sift their reporting and be aware of the drift of the formulations. I remember when Judy Swallow used to almost tell someone they were lying, now she barely gets to asking a follow-up question about the statements made by interviewees like government spokespersons, party officials, think-tank big-mouths, etc. Just count the number of times someone from a U.S. right-wing think tank is given the opportunity to air his views as opposed to someome who may be more moderate or, heaven forbid, liberal, leftist, just plain different. The BBC brand has become very soiled.
by Quentin on Thu Jan 25th, 2007 at 08:50:11 AM EST

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