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The BBC has further damaged its reputation by omitting key facts about the interview, such as Litvinenko's pay-off of € 600 for "expenses" by Mario Scaramella, as well as a further € 200 to Litvinenko's brother for "translations".

Just a small point, but those are vanishingly small ammounts in the world of modern media (incl. BBC.)  £400 will get you a night in a hotel, your meals, and your taxi fares for the next day.  I know one could do things cheaper, but I don't think this is a Bed & Breakfast type of scenario. £140 is three or four hours work (or less?) for a good translator.  Again, it seems to small a sum for anyone to worry over (esp. those who are in it "for the money"...?)

Well, that's my take, but I really don't know anything about the money habits and needs of any of these characters.  It was just a thought as I read through.

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