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Great reporting - I share de Gondi's indignation.

Re the smallness of the amount - seem to remember that in an interview with La Repubblica (I think) recorded before the poisoning but published afterwards, Litvinenko had said that when Scaramella proffered the amount in question he had reacted very coldly - recalling the event he said it was insulting, Scaramella was treating him like "a beggar".  Dunno whether he then actually pocketed the sum or not, far as I recall the interview didn't make that aspect crystal-clear - also don't know whether Litvinenko had felt "insulted" because he had been offered payment at all, or because the payment was so paltry.

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Hey, welcome back!

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Here's the passage you refer to, published November 26th, 2006 by la Repubblica. The actual interview had been conducted on March 3rd, 2005. Litvinenko expressly underwrote the contents of the interview.

La Repubblica apparently sat on the interview until Guzzanti and Scaramella made their first move.

«Quando finì il mio lavoro a Napoli, Mario mi mise in mano 600 o 800 euro in contanti. Mi sentii umiliato. Gli dissi che non vendevo informazioni e che avevo accettato l´incarico perché collaborare con l´Italia era per me un´occasione irripetibile di far sapere all´occidente cosa è stato il Kgb, chi è Putin e quanto sia corrotto il suo regime. Aggiunsi che era giusto che fossi retribuito come un consulente professionista, con parcelle regolarmente accreditate sul mio conto dalla Commissione. E soprattutto in modo trasparente, perché l´Fsb non sospettasse che mi ero intascato in nero milioni di dollari per le mie informazioni. Era una questione di trasparenza e di sicurezza. Mario non mi accreditò nessun denaro. Continuò a dirmi di non preoccuparmi. Che sarei diventato famoso e avrei testimoniato di fronte al Parlamento italiano. Che avrei potuto portare la mia famiglia in vacanza in Italia. Mi aveva preso per un pezzente». When I finished my work in Naples, Mario put 600 or 800 euros cash in my hand. I felt humiliated. I told him that I don't sell information but that I had accepted the job because the possibility to collaborate with Italy was a once in a lifetime opportunity to let the West know what the KGB was, who Putin is, and how corrupt his regime is. I added that it was correct that I be remunerated as a professional consultant, with a fee regularly accredited to my account with the Commission. And above all in a transparent way so that the FSB would not suspect that I had pocketed millions of dollars covertly. It was a matter of transparency and security. Mario never accredited me a cent. He continuously told me not to worry. That I would be famous and testify before the Italian Parliament. That I could someday bring my family on vacation in Italy. He treated me like a beggar.
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