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Thanks immensely for your very helpful reply and your considerations.

Gordievsky has certainly granted interviews that do not appear to have much to do with Mi5. He has vaunted as early as mid-December to know who the assassin is within days after the event (reported December 19th). It was in an interview with Radio Liberty. He accused a certain Volodya, introduced by Logovoy at the hotel. More recent reports indicate the assassin as having oriental characteristics who may have sat behind Kovtun on his flight from Germany to England. This does fit in with Gordievsky's scenario. But appears to contradict what he says in the interview you've translated. Four days after the reporting of the event (I believe in the Cecheny press around November 11th) is likely before Danish, Norwegian and German articles.

Gordievsky does have it out with Limarev whom he continues to accuse of being an FSB-SVR-KGB et al agent. But to go as far as accusing Limarev of being an accomplice in the assassination is in my opinion deliberately misleading.

In Italy there have been plenty of mystery murders, suicides and accidents that have yet to be resolved. The murder trial of Sicilian reporter Mauro Di Mauro is finally being celebrated after 30 years. Italy may still hold the world record for assassination of reporters pro capita.

So cases like the Litvinenko murder are not unknown here. One lead that has been suggested here is through Alizman Tokhtakhounov, known as Alik Taiwanchek, the Chinaman, a Russian mafia boss who has found safe haven in Italy. Litvinenko sought to give information to the Venetian procura which is currently investigating him.

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